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  • Conference Call United States (map)

Get involved. Learn about MGAWC and community projects. Find ways to help.

Participate in person at the U of M-Dearborn Environmental Interpretive Center (EIC) or participate in a conference call

Seeking a Treasurer to monitor bank accounts and pay expenses

Seeking individuals or a team to handle various Volunteer Engagement activities such as:

  • Follow up with enthusiastic recruits and build on their interests

  • Contact people interested in various areas and get them connected to the right person or activity

    • Refer those interested in Stewardship Saturdays to Marion and send them a reminder email before the third Saturday

    • Find out who wants to invite members to their gardens for a garden walk in July or August and then organize and publicize the event

    • Invite people interested in the newsletter to write an article and send it to Nancy

    • Determine who is interested in organizing a field trip for the members

    • Invite people to attend a board meeting to get involved and stay involved

  • Follow up with non-member guests at monthly meetings and invite them to become members, send them a reminder about a few upcoming meetings to see if they return

  • Keep a lookout for regularly attending members who stop showing up at meetings and send a card or make a call to let them know they were missed

  • Prepare an up-to-date membership directory

  • Interview members and write short articles for the GrowInfo newsletter

  • Seek out new members and introduce them to the group

Contact to learn more

Most years, the board meets the first Thursday of the month, September through June