Board Members

President: Val Maczko

Treasurer: Tonja Nudi and Jim Eddy

Secretary: Lynda Neuroth

Vice President & Grants: Hans Neuroth

Programs: Jackie Stengel



Growing with Master Gardeners Conference: Nancy Kaczynski

Hospitality: Val Maczko

Let's Go Gardening Chair: LeRoy Wolff

Membership: Margot McCormack

Quarterly Newsletter, Grow InfoNancy Kaczynski

Scholarships: Marion Harris

Stewardship Saturdays at EIC: Marion Harris

Trips: Margot McCormack



Volunteer Engagement including follow-up with visitors and new members, thoughtful referrals, and volunteer retention activities

December Volunteer Recognition Night Coordinator to organize potluck, decorations and other details for the annual gathering

Fundraiser Leader for activities related to MGAWC's mission of education and volunteer service

GrowInfo Newsletter Contributors of original, proofread articles with original photographs and working links as approrpriate

Technology Troubleshooter to investigate issues with email list, website domain renewals, and other items, then communicate findings to the board in non-technical terms

Members are welcome to attend board meetings, traditionally held the first Thursday of each month (September - June) at 7 or 7:30 pm at the EIC.

Note: Some months the board meeting may be entirely on a conference call. Please check with ahead of time to confirm location--EIC or the telephone--and start time--7 or 7:30 p.m. depending on participant's schedules--before traveling to attend a meeting.