Applying for a Scholarship

The Master Gardener Association of Wayne County is offering scholarships of up to $500 to qualifying applicants. Are you majoring in horticulture or a related subject, such as environmental education, environmental science, biology, botany, or landscaping? Have you volunteered on projects relating to any of the disciplines listed above? 

We offer scholarships to applicants who live, work or attend college in Wayne County and are willing to support the mission to:

  • Distribute current research-based gardening information

  • Increase environmental awareness

  • Promote gardening activities

  • Support volunteerism

To apply for a scholarship, download the form, fill in the information requested, and submit the form to the address provided on the form. For additional information, please contact Marion Harris at and/or

Marion Harris and Dale Browne

Marion Harris and Dale Browne


Dale Browne - University of Michigan, Dearborn

2014 Scholarship Winners

John Deslippe, Senior - University of Michigan, Dearborn

Ryan Keeling, Senior - University of Michigan, Dearborn

Ryan Keeling

Ryan Keeling

2013 Scholarship Winner

In 2014, Kyle Kandilian graduated with highest honors from the University of Michigan-Dearborn with a degree in Environmental Science, biology focus. For his final project, Kyle conducted a soil invertebrate analysis project under the experienced guidance of ecologist and ornithologist Dr. Orin Gelderloos. Kyle continues to run a business selling quality feeder roaches,