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Either option costs $15 ($16 online to offset transaction fees). Please see the descriptions explained on the right hand side of this page regarding the difference in these categories.

Becoming a member of MGWAC is easy. You do not have to be a certified Master Gardener to attend meetings, actively participate in programs, or simply support MGAWC.

The $15 annual fee ($16 online to offset transaction fees) includes email announcements, nine meetings with refreshments and educational presentations, potluck, shopping opportunity, the quarterly newsletter, Grow Info, and whatever other activities members organize for the group. Please complete this online form. Dues is not refundable. First-time dues-paying members who pay mid-year will be considered members through September 2020. 

There are two types of annual membership categories. An active member has voting rights; an associate member does not have voting rights.


To be an active member, you are currently or were previously certified as a Master Gardener AND are currently active in both volunteering and seeking education, specifically: 

  • Community volunteer work (at least 15 hours in the last 12 months)

  • On-going education (at least 5 hours in the last 12 months)


Being an associate member is ideal if you are interested in gardening. Associate members are not required to be a current or former certified Master Gardener or tomeet any volunteer or education hour obligations.




If you would like to pay for membership by mail, click here to download the membership form to complete and mail.