Is an annual outreach to gardeners on Saturdays in May, in collaboration with local nurseries and plant centers.  Established by MGAWC volunteer Leo Blum in the mid-1980’s, Let’s Go Gardening was replicated across the state because it is a Win-Win-Win-Win-Win-Win program.

  • Local gardeners win by having easy access to friendly, approachable, impartial resources for quality information that will improve their gardening results.
  • Stores win by providing improved customer service and making a tax-deductible donation to support community gardening activities that build interest in their products.
  • Employees win by saving valuable work time by referring questions during the busiest days of the season.  LGG is a short-term activity each year intentionally designed NOT to threaten the jobs of paid employees at plant centers.
  • Members win by having volunteer coordinators do the work of arranging a variety of convenient locations where LGG volunteers can help gardeners in the spring.
  • MGAWC wins by fulfilling its mission of educating the public.  The association also earns funds to support scholarships (furthering education) and grants (fulfilling the mission of supporting community gardening activities).
  • Community wins with scholarships and grants funded in part by donations from stores.