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Turning Over a New Leaf, St Clair, $95

This year’s lineup is sure to entice anyone interested in gardening with four big names in the gardening world. How lucky are we year after year to meet such incredible people and have a chance to get a book signed or have a quick conversation with such knowledgeable people.This year’s Symposium is selfishly covering an area of gardening very near to my heart: Garden renovation. Since I have such established gardens, where do I start? Bobbie Swartz will be addressing this topic for me/us. How do you choose which to keep and which should go, and more importantly what do I replace them with.

This entire Symposium is for us, the established gardeners looking for the best placement, selection and replacement to obtain the garden of our dreams. Our other three speakers are speaking on:The best trees and shrubs new and old, those worthy of our limited real estate, by Andrew Bunting.Perennials worth making room for new and old, by Kelly Norris. Perennials that have proven themselves to return and perform year after year. Who are they?

Coming to us all the way from the Netherlands, Jacqueline van der Kloet, will speak on bulbs for multiple seasons and using them to layer your garden.Of course I have enjoyed all of our symposiums but I do believe this is the one that will ring home to many of us who struggle trying to get that impact, that WOW in our garden. Like I have said we are incredibly lucky to have access to the Who’s Who in the gardening world. Some run departments at universities, own their own businesses within the landscape/gardening world, some write books, explore and hybridize, some of them are professors, but all of them have many things to teach us!