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Extraordinary Project Search

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Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2016 9:52 AM
Subject: We are looking for Extraordinary Master Gardener Projects!

A message from Mary Wilson, State MG Program Coordinator:

As part of the 2016 MG College, we are offering an Extraordinary Project Search (i.e. poster contest). with the goal to showcase outstanding contributions Ext. MGs are making in their communities. We encourage  you to submit a poster for a volunteer project you feel is extraordinary.  Small or large, your project can be organized by 2-3 individuals or groups.

We have numerous outstanding community projects across the state and this Extraordinary Project Search is a wonderful way to share ideas with other EMGs and provide recognition for the great activities you as an EMG volunteer are doing to improve your community. (There will also be prizes for the winners!!) 

Ron Bates, who oversees the Ag. & Agribusiness Institute (under which the Master Gardener Program falls) will be at Master Gardener College and will judge all Extraordinary Project Search submissions. This will be a wonderful opportunity for Ron to learn more about the MG Program and see the impact of EMGs on our communities.

The application deadline is June 1st with the actual posters submitted at Master Gardener College on Friday, June 17.  Attendance at MG College is not required but a representative must be available to answer questions about the poster.

For questions, please contact Abi Saeed at or Marybeth Denton at